Vision of PIPL
Transform into a Premier Global Applications and Materials Development center, which is known for practical solutions to address tough challenges faced by our customers.

Mission of PIPL
Extend our Technical & Product expertise developed in last 38 years to customize application solutions in Metal Casting, Process Safety, Flow, and Sensing markets.

Our areas in Application Development include :
  • Automation products for Centrifugal Casting Industry.
  • Safety products for Chemical Industries and Power Plants to withstand Earthquakes.
  • Flow solutions including Specialty Valves and high precision Positioning Devices.
  • Instrumentation & Control products for thermal and pressure sensing.
  • Further, going forward we intend to develop and add Materials Development to our repertoire.
Values of PIPL
  • Integrity - Flawless adherence to Confidentiality, intellectual Property, Environment Protection, and Common Law.
  • Humility - Ability to acknowledge lack of knowledge or understanding and capable of learning from others.
  • Fearlessness - Mentality that reflects "If there is a problem, we can find a practical solution."
  • Responsiveness - Capable of turning ideas into reality faster than anyone else.
  • Entrepreneurship - Customizing solutions to individual problems, which maximize value for customers and PIPL.
  • Fulfillment - Deliver on Financial, Scientific, and Societal commitments.

New Product Offerings currently under development:

  • Large diameter pipes including those for use in Petro Chemical Reformers, Rolls for Steel making, Paper & Food, Stern Tubes & Propeller Shaft Sleeves, and Ductile Iron pipe to name but a few – anticipated 2012-2013 timeframe.
  • Vertical casting products to make parts such as brake drums, aircraft castings – anticipated in 2013 timeframe.