About PIPL

A well established company based in Pune, Maharashtra, India with a 38 year track record of customized Application Development.  The company is headed by experienced founder-promoters with Technology & Business background, focused on Machine Design, Robotics, 6-sigma Consulting and Materials development.  Our background and relentless focus on innovation has enabled us to provide value by customizing solution to fit the needs of our customers.

PIPL has significant experience in Centrifugal Casting and our products have a proven track record; we measure our success by the success of our customers, and we are proud to announce that our customers have won numerous Quality Awards in the field of Cylinder Liners made on our horizontal centrifugal casting machines AC2M500 series.  In order to effectively serve our growing customer base, PIPL has a focused team of Design Engineers, Application developers, refractory Material developers, Technical Service engineers, and a dedicated Business Development director.

Our actions convey our seriousness in being a Total Solution Provider in this field- we plan to open a dedicated R&D and Open Innovation center in 2012 where customers would have the option to tour the facility, and discuss their needs with our Engineering team.  This center will cater to Machine Development, automation, material development in Refractory coatings, Rapid heating solutions to optimize furnace size, and also plan to add Mold design.

Our approach is to utilize actual performance data and continuously optimize our models thereby giving us the option to model our customer’s requirements before building or modifying the unit.

We believe that one pays for Quality either upfront in the Design or at the end due to rejects.  Our goal is to optimize the Cost Vs Performance balance that meets the customer’s requirements.  In order to achieve the necessary Quality, all our New Product Development and customization is done via a Design for 6s (Six-Sigma) Stage-Gate Process which we refer to as “PDC (Product Development to Commercialization) process.” This Quality program is currently in the process of getting ISO certification.

What do we mean by being Total Solution Providers?   PIPL can offer you turn-key solutions, or offer you solutions only to meet certain aspects of the Centrifugal Casting Process.  For instance, quite a few customers of ours want an automated casting process that fits their existing furnace and dies.  On the other hand, some customers only want Spinners, while others only want Coating solutions.   We are here to offer you the solution you desire.

PIPL has remained at the forefront of developments In the  design and manufacture of centrifugal casting  systems. Our  services  include process and application selection, proposal  for “green field” or “brown field” development for customers wanting to setup    Centrifugal Casting Operations, project  management, equipment installation, technical training and,  non-proprietary and non-confidential knowledge / “know-  how” transfer. We invite you to visit our website for the latest in machine Designs and related technology development at www.puneinstrumentation.in

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